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Global Capacitive Sensors Market Analysis

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The research report titled “Global Capacitive Sensors Market Analysis” announced by Merkle and Sears, provides a comprehensive review of market trends, drivers, opportunities, challenges and issues in addition to current coverage on company information and latest news and events including strategic corporate developments, and product innovations. The report helps identify the biggest opportunities in this space and offers accurate latent demand forecasting that empowers quantitative decision making among existing market players and new entrants.


The global market for Capacitive Sensors is projected to reach US$17.6 billion by 2020, driven by the steady rise in demand for electronic devices with touch interfaces. Benefits such as superior sensitivity, higher measurement accuracy, greater durability and easier operability are fuelling the preference for capacitive sensing over other competing technologies such as resistive, inductive and acoustic sensing. The emergence of touchscreen displays as the standard human-machine interface system for consumer, industrial, automotive and medical electronic devices is a major factor driving robust demand for Capacitive Sensors. Asia-Pacific represents the largest and the fastest growing market worldwide with a CAGR of 14.9% over the analysis period. The growth in the region is driven by rising investments in industrial automation, stable automobile production trends, and digitalizing lifestyles of the growing base of affluent middle class population in economies like China and India.

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