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 About us

Merkle and Sears is a market research and consulting firm which serves the global industry across various verticals such as Chemical, IT, Electronics, Healthcare, Energy, Oil & Gas, etc. Research is conducted through interviews, secondary research, quantitative consumer research, focus groups, and trend analysis.

Merkle and Sears have been serving customers ranging from governments and multi-national companies to smaller businesses and technical professionals in more than 40 countries. With evolving needs of our customers for market information and analytics, over the years Merkle and Sears has refined its research methodology and has built expertise that enables it to provide market and industry insights that matter most. We help our customers to improve their economic value additions to their shareholders by identifying big and small trends and insights in the global markets. At Merkle and Sears, all of our colleagues are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a positive customer experience, each and every day.

Our Research

We offer syndicated market research reports, customized market research reports, and consulting services across different verticals in the global industry. Our analysts continually track emerging and high growth niche markets across different industry verticals. This enables us to offer high level of granularity in the emerging and niche markets and also help us to identify relatively high value opportunities in these markets. We periodically update our market research studies to ensure our customers get the most recent picture of the global markets.

Our reports cover all major product, application, technology, and geographic markets. Our market analysis is based on an extensive array of in-house baseline feed of industry trend Analytics for over 120 industries in 40+ countries. This intelligence enables us to offer our customers key technical and market insights and trends specific to products, regions, industries, technologies, end-uses, use applications, demographics, companies, etc. Our multi-disciplinary expertise helps us to understand cross-industry scenarios and identify opportunities in emerging markets. Our report collection thus offers concise overviews, including market size, product and market segmentation, forecasts, industry analysis, market leaders, and business trends and can be purchased on a one-off or subscription basis.

Our Team

Our experienced Research Team strives to produce world-class research and analysis. Most of our staff which possesses post-graduate education in one or more of the following disciplines - business, economics, engineering, and statistics – is our real research firepower! These highly motivated professionals work to meet client deadlines and deliver projects to multinational companies and governments, thus forming their extended Research Arm.

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