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We offer tools and expertise to support clients in

1) Identification and prioritizing opportunities,

2) Formulating and implementing strategies at corporate level, business unit level and for market entry.

We help our clients to map the opportunities in the market with their objectives and core competencies so that they can produce maximum value for their shareholders.

Holistic market knowledge and comprehensive knowledge about core competencies of the firm helps the firm to create effective strategies. Our Research Team delivers highly granular market assessments and monitors mega and micro trends over time and evaluates their implications over short, mid and long term, enabling us to forecast market developments, identify emerging opportunities, and understand the competitive landscape. We then prioritize these unearthed opportunities for our clients by considering factors such as the Net Present Value of the opportunities, Core Competencies of the firm, Competition, Technology Life Cycle, etc.

Our well balanced team of technology analysts, market research analysts and economists help us to provide our clients market and technical intelligence which includes market sizing and forecasting, highly granular market segmentation and targeting scenarios, technology scouting, emerging and disruptive technologies, patent analysis, R&D breakthroughs, technology forecasting and impact analysis. Our team identifies real-time technology developments, collaboration and licensing opportunities, which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This helps our clients to remain early adopters of path breaking technologies and foster a culture of innovation and creativity. Our technology analysts are specialized in their respective areas of technologies and work in tandem with the market research analysts and economists to generate a holistic view of the present and predicted market scenarios.

Our team monitors global, regional, and country-specific economies and their analysis helps our clients to make strategic and tactical business decisions. Our market research analysts and economists offer holistic and granular information of the political, regulatory, and socioeconomic landscapes in the emerging and developed countries. We help our clients to analyse the impact of the threats to their businesses worldwide and help in their endeavor of risk mitigation.

    Our Consulting Value Proposition -
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Market Dynamics
  • Competitive landscape and benchmarking
  • Econometric modelling in marketing and demand forecasting
  • Market sizing
  • Technology solutions and patent analysis
  • Market entry strategies
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Primary research
  • Business environment assessment
  • Demand – Supply analysis
  • product and market potential
  • Company and product benchmarking
  • Investment analysis
  • Business plans
  • Market price trends and pricing analysis
  • Economic feasibility assessment and company viability assessment
  • Imports and exports analysis

Our knowledge about any market is based on inputs from B2B customers and desk research. Using it, our team of industry experts evaluates different feasible strategic options, chalks out effective action plans, and supports firm’s management decision making system. This helps the firm to improve its profitability by making most out of its available resources in the given business environment. Our consulting services also focus on our clients' most critical issues pertaining to strategy, marketing, and technology across the global electronics industry. Our every endeavor while engaged with every client is a process of building strategic growth partnership which powers our client’s and our own growth creating value for the respective shareholders.

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