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Why should I register?
Most articles, reports, and other material on are available without registration. However, in some cases we ask you to register or log in to our site before downloading or printing our content.

As a registered member of, you can also sign up for our regular e-mail newsletters and receive alerts when new content is available.

To take advantage of these services, please register or signup now.

How is my personal information protected?
Merkleandsears is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal-identification information. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

When I tried to create an account, I received an error message stating that my e-mail address is already in use.
Our system requires a unique e-mail address for each member account. You are receiving this error message because the e-mail address you entered is already associated with an account, most likely one you set up previously.

If you don't remember your password, please select Forgot Your Password? on the log-in screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If your Internet provider filters incoming e-mail, please add to your list approved senders to ensure that you receive our reset password e-mail.

What modes are available for making the payment?
Following modes are available for making the payment:
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Online Payment via Credit Card (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Cards)
  • PayPal

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer several discounts for purchasing the report. You will get a 5% discount if you prepay by bank wire transfer. Besides this, we come up with new discount offers from time to time. For more information, please refer discounts and offers section on our website.

Can I purchase individual sections of the report? If yes, then how?
Yes, you can purchase individual sections of the report. All you need to do is get in touch with our representative with this request, and they will guide you accordingly.

How do I get the receipt for my purchases online?
Once you are done with your purchase, the receipt will be sent via email.

How will I receive the published report if I purchase online?
The published report is delivered through email within 5-24 hours of receipt of payment.

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