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Chemicals & Materials

Merkle and Sears' Chemicals, Materials & Food Research & Consulting offers global industry analysis, custom consulting, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market research, market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your firm address current trends & challenges, identify new technologies and take advantage of opportunities for growth.


Chemicals & Materials play a critical role across the globe. Companies in virtually every industry, such as construction, utilities, transportation and logistics, food and beverage, drugs, cosmetics, telecommunications, electronics, healthcare, oil and gas, petrochemicals, and packaging, use Chemicals & Materials for manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and support functions. Our Chemicals & Materials client base includes more than 5,000 organizations across industries and geographies. They range from start-ups to fortune 100 companies. Our broad expertise in this space will address your needs and provide ample knowledge for you to grow and lead in your chosen segments and markets.

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